The first anniversary of the implementation of garbage classification, what should Shanghai do next?

"Shanghai Municipal Household Waste Management Regulations" has been implemented for one year. This morning, Shanghai Municipal Government held a press conference to inform the implementation of the "Regulations" in the past year of waste classification reduction results and next focus. Municipal Bureau of Greening and City Appearance, Municipal Commission of Commerce, Municipal Education Commission, Municipal Postal Administration, Municipal urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau jointly attended.

More than 968,600 tons of garbage were removed in June

Deng Jianping, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Greening and City Appearance, introduced five aspects of the effectiveness of garbage classification in the past year. He said that Shanghai citizens actively fulfill their classification obligations, the effectiveness of classification has been significantly improved, the whole classification system has been basically completed, supporting systems and norms have become increasingly perfect, and social publicity and mobilization have achieved effective results. "Garbage classification has entered the track of legalization, normalization and standardization." 'he said.