Household mops should be disinfected frequently

The mop, which is closely related to our eating life, is also the most dirty place in the home. And in real life, most of us use is still simple without auxiliary wringing manual cloth strip mop, many housewives, either quick, or cheap, did not buy rotary mop or hand twist mop, directly with the hand twist mop, as everyone knows, there is a great security risk, the following details the dangers of direct hand twist mop.

It is easy to get sick if you twist a mop by hand

The mop is an essential hygiene tool in the home. After cleaning the commonly used cloth mop, some housewives will wring it out directly by hand. In this way, the mop is wrung out, as everyone knows, the accumulation of a large number of bacteria on the mop is easy to stick in the hands, and then invade the human body, harmful to health.

It can be said that the mop is the most dirty place in the family, and the repeated use of the mop is most suitable for the growth of microorganisms such as mold, fungi and candida because it is often in a humid environment. These microorganisms will multiply rapidly in a warm and humid environment, and it is easy to make the bacteria invade the human body with a hand twist, causing physical discomfort.