Daily home cleaning tips 14

Home is where comfort and warmth are created, but also where dirt is created. Home cleaning in addition to keeping the house clean and beautiful, it also has an impact on physical health, but often after work, may have dragged the tired body, lazy to get up and clean, even if simple family matters, it suddenly became difficult, this time smart cleaning way is very important, the 14 cleaning tips in this article can deal with your lazy disease, It also makes doing housework more fun.

1. The metal area of the faucet is easy to have water stains, and if you wipe it with wax paper, you will find that the number of cleaning can be greatly reduced.

2. There is only an old mop, but there is no mop, and the old socks that are obviously loose and dirty but reluctant to lose are used to mop the floor.

3. The baking dish is very difficult to clean after sticking, and remember to spread a layer of salt on the plate before baking something next time, it will make the dough easy to fall off.

4. Stains and spots on the surface of the stove are annoying. Try wiping them off with a rag soaked in olive oil.