Shanghai's new progress in garbage sorting: 1,000 express delivery stations can recycle cartons



Eastday reporter Cheng Qi reported on August 20: In order to cultivate the habits of public express packaging classification and recycling, Eastday reporter learned today that Cainiao and ZTO, YTO, Shentong, Yunda, Best and other express companies issued a "return box plan" in Shanghai: that is, the first batch of 1,000 recycling boxes in Shanghai express outlets and Cainiao Station to help Shanghai express packaging classification and recycling. In the future, 50,000 recycling boxes will be laid across the country.

"You are welcome to unpack here and leave the cartons. You can pick them out of the recycling bin for free when you come to mail them." In a street-facing Zhongtong express supermarket in Yangpu District, Shanghai, stationmaster Xiao Li handed over unpacking tools to residents who came to pick up express packages and introduced the new express packaging recycling box added to the site.

Xiao Li told reporters that since the green recycling box, the packaging of express supermarkets has achieved "self-sufficiency", customers who come to mail do not have to worry about packaging, the site does not have to buy new cartons, not only save the cost of packaging materials, but also realize the secondary utilization of express packaging, cartons and plastic fillers can be reused after classification and recycling.